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The Cost of Invisalign: Understanding the Factors That Influence The Price

Over time, orthodontic therapy has evolved. There is no reason why artificial intelligence couldn’t be employed in dentistry, and more especially in orthodontic treatments, in an era where so many things in our daily lives have become simple. Aligner therapy, invisible braces, or Invisalign are a few examples of such treatment options.

The days of straightening crooked teeth using metal wires in the mouth are long gone. With the advent of invisible braces, teeth alignment is now possible. Patients wear aligners, which are transparent plastic trays used to straighten teeth, for 20 to 22 hours each day. However, the expense of Invisalign treatment in Chandigarh, India, is the biggest concern for people. Usually aligner prices start from Rs 80000 and may vary depending upon the duration of treatment and the company of aligners.

5 Reasons Why Invisalign Treatment Is Cost-Effective

For a paediatric dentist to learn the finest practises for treating children, they must finish a two-year postgraduate programme. They will learn about numerous dental problems, particularly the special requirements pertaining to a child’s oral health. Additionally, they will study about the psychology and behaviour of kids, which will aid them in understanding how to interact with kids and provide a welcoming environment. We at the Smile Designers have the experience and the expertise to serve your child with the best.

Aesthetics: There is no comparison to what aligners bring to the table in terms of aesthetics. Who would want Metallic wires in your mouth and people would look ugly every time they smile. Aligners are pretty much invisible and you can complete your orthodontic treatment in discreet manner.

Convenience: Only time you have to remove aligners is when you are eating or chewing. So practically there are no food restrictions. Metal or ceramic braces would put patients under lot of discomfort while eating.

Hygiene: You are in better position to maintain your oral hygiene and less pre disposed to having cavities over the course of treatment.

Predictability: Software going digital scans and lot of artificial intelligence being used in treatment planning , patient is made aware of end results in initial stages. Patient is more confident and Motivated throughout the treatment.

No food restrictions: Patient had to be very conscious of their diet. Sticky foods or hard fibrous food would give hard time to all patients wearing braces. But with aligner there are no such restrictions and patients enjoy variety of food.

Considering the above advantages it doesn’t make Invisalign treatment so expensive. At Crown and Roots dental clinic in Delhi, special emphasis have been put to make aligners treatment at affordable prices.

Are You Considering Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten teeth without the use of the typical metal braces. Invisalign has quickly revolutionized the orthodontics world. Now patients have a different option besides ugly metal brackets. The Indian Dental Association explains that Invisalign involves wearing a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that help shift your teeth into the proper position but they do have their disadvantage and i.e high cost of aligners and the difficulty in treating more complex cases. Patients who would have never considered braces before are now giving Invisalign a shot. For many people, though, the choice comes down to cost. 

How Much Do Invisalign Braces Cost?

Invisalign braces often cost a little more than traditional braces. The manufacturer estimates that the typical price is between Rs. 1,50,000 and Rs. 3,50,000. You can get a more accurate pricing quote from your dentist or orthodontist. How much realignment your teeth need, as well as how many aligners you’ll need for the duration of treatment, are deciding variables. Regular braces typically cost from Rs 80,000 and above, however prices can vary greatly. Again, the price varies case-by-case and is best negotiated with your dentist because it depends on your particular needs. The majority of dental insurance policies do not cover Invisalign like they would traditional braces, but you should first speak with the insurance provider to ascertain the level of coverage.


In the end, it is up to you and your orthodontist to decide which is the best treatment for your individual case. The average Invisalign price is not that much higher than regular braces and the unique advantages Invisalign offers – like being able to take the aligners out to eat and brush your teeth – often outweigh the slight difference in price. If cost is a big concern for you, talk to your dentist about payment options. Many providers will offer flexible monthly payment plans to spread out the Invisalign braces cost over a longer period. Contact The Smile Designers for the best products for a healthy oral life.

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