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Can A General Dentist Do Invisalign?

Although it is an orthodontic procedure, a general dentist can administer Invisalign. This is due to the fact that any dentist may learn to treat patients and improve their smiles using clear aligners because it is not meant to address substantial or severe orthodontic difficulties. To administer this therapy, your dentist does not need to be an orthodontic specialist.

Are you thinking about getting Invisalign therapy? When compared to traditional metal or ceramic braces, transparent, removable aligners used in thin clear aligners can help straighten teeth. Orthodontics has undergone a rapid transformation thanks to Invisalign. Patients now have several options in addition to metal braces.

With Invisalign, you wear a series of transparent plastic aligners that are specifically manufactured for you to help move your teeth into the right position. Patients who do not want to wear braces, or who had braces treatment as a child but their teeth moved again, or teenagers who care about their appearance, athletes, stage performers, celebrities, I just want a more comfortable/less painful treatment, and the list goes on, favour Invisalign as an option.

What Makes Invisalign So Costly ?

A high-end product from The Smile Designers Invisalign is created using the most advanced technology, including 3-D printing, CADCAM-based treatment planning, and digital intraoral scanning. How much realignment your teeth need, as well as how many aligners you’ll need for the duration of treatment, are deciding variables. Once more, the price varies case by case based on your particular requirements and should be negotiated with your orthodontist. While Clear Aligner is often covered by dental insurance plans when travelling outside of India, few businesses provide this service there.

The best course of action for your particular case will ultimately be decided by you and your orthodontist. Although the typical cost of Invisalign is more than that of traditional braces, it has certain special benefits, such as the ability to remove the aligners when eating and brushing your teeth. If money is a major concern for you, discuss your choices with your dentist. To spread out the cost of Invisalign over a longer period, many clinics may give flexible monthly payment options.

Why Do Dental Fees Vary So Much Amongst Various Practitioners?

A US business really manufactures transparent orthodontic aligners under the name of Invisalign. In 1998, the Invisalign brand became the first to market with this technology, and as of 2021, it had treated 13 million patients globally. Because of this, their name is often used interchangeably with the actual product, much as how the brand name Xerox is frequently used instead of the word “photocopy.” Therefore, sometimes what is presented as clear aligner  may only be an imitation! Beware!

Over the years, a number of local businesses have emerged, offered the aligners for a considerably lower price, failed to produce the desired results, and eventually went down, leaving the patients defenceless and at the mercy of “customer support.”

Why Should I Pick The Smile Designers For Indian Invisalign Teeth Braces ?

One of the top suppliers of Invisalign braces in India is The Smile Designers. With more than seven clinics spread out across the nation, The Smile Designers offers a selection of orthodontic procedures for anyone seeking a more wholesome and aesthetically beautiful smile. One of the many distinctive treatments we provide is the innovative new Invisalign tooth braces, which straighten teeth without the need of metal brackets or wires. If you’re thinking about acquiring clear aligner braces in India, here are some reasons why The Smile Designers should be your first pick.


First off, we offer thorough treatment regimens that promise exceptional outcomes. To achieve optimal efficacy, our team of highly experienced dentists considers each patient’s unique needs and customises a strategy appropriately. Throughout every treatment, safety and cleanliness are guaranteed by our cutting-edge facilities. Furthermore, the patient experiences a seamless process because to our utilisation of sophisticated technologies. To find out how much Invisalign braces cost in India, contact our support centre. Contact The Smile Designers for the best products for a healthy oral life.

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